South Knoxville Oil Change Services 

The experts in South Knoxville oil change services with Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires can help extend the life of your older car. You should schedule oil change services in South Knoxville TN on a regular basis, of course, but it’s also important to choose the right kind of oil. Special types of oil for high mileage cars could help yours stay on the road a lot longer than you might think. Come in as soon as you can so we can help make that happen.

How High Mileage Oil Can Help

If your car has 75,000 miles or more on it, then you should think about having high mileage oil put in the engine when you come in for South Knoxville oil change services. In older vehicles, seals and other components start to wear out over time. High mileage oil will help reduce that wear, helping you get more out of your vehicle in the process. But there are other reasons to consider this type of oil when we provide your oil change services in South Knoxville TN.

For example, high mileage oil helps reduce smoke and emissions, and will also cut down on the amount of oil your car uses. It also cuts down on oil seepage as well as leaks. Just like older people often take multivitamins to help boost their health, high mileage oil can act as a sort of multivitamin for your vehicle. It will help keep your engine parts from wearing out, reducing friction so that all components can keep running smoothly.

If you’re seeing oil stains on your driveway after you back out, then it’s definitely time to think about oil change services in South Knoxville TN. Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires will provide the perfect type of oil for your specific vehicle.

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