In & Out In Record Time.

We get asked the number one question almost everytime, “About how long will this take?” We try to honor first come first served or accomodate those with arranged appointments. We find the need to let everyone know that we will try to get the job done as quickly as it will allow, while ensuring your safety which will always come first!

Automotive & Tire Services

We offer more than just brakes and tires. We are a FULL SERVICE facility set up to accomodate just about any repair you bring into us!

Oil Change & Lubes

We use the best products in the market to offer affordable oil changes and important services.

Tire Fills & Replacements

From plugging to patching, replacement to balance, we have your auto covered.

Inspections & Tune Ups

We will gladly look at your vehicle and offer comprehensive diagnostics and solutions to the repairs needed.

Number of Happy Customers and growing!

Open days per week!

Locations needed to do it all?

Our UP FRONT Pricing

Shop Rate

Most of our repairs are based on upfront hourly shop rates established for most the most effective and affordable pricing offered in the industry!

Competitively Priced


 Oil Changes and Lube

Includes namebrand Oils and Filters, and we also inspect and service grease fittings, and regular scheduled service that most forget.

$39.97 / Basic Conventional Oil Change Up To 5 Quarts.


Tire Services

We not only service tires but we sell them as well! Tire rotation, balance, alignment, plugging and patching.

Competitively Priced

Based on the need

Engine Services

Radiator flushes and replacements, diagnostics, overheating issues, belts, batteries, wiring, overhauls, upgrades, regular required services, and more.

Competitively Priced


Happy Customers

“Met Roy and the gang @ Smoky Mountain Auto Service & Tires after a need passing by on our way to Gatlinburg, TN. We had an issue with our vehicle that led us to the location. We pulled in and was greeted by the owner Roy. He stated that they had people waiting to have their vehicles serviced in front of us. Asked us what kind of issue we had. He agreed to pull it in and check it out since we was on vacation. They found a simple issue and had us going in no time. Thank you so much Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires”

Joel Marshall

“Drove up with a flat tire leaking out. I had to be at work that morning early, and was amazed to see them setting up an inflateable man out front. I pulled in and asked if they could take care of it for me and how much. After finding it out to just be a screw or nail or something stuck in the tire, they had to do a simple plug. I asked them how much I owed and the man simply said he hoped my day was better, and no charge! I offered a $20.00 bill and he said he would just give it to the techs or get them lunch if ok. What great people and service”

Jane Ogle

Full Service Auto Shop