Seymour Wheel Alignments

At Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires, we’ve performed a lot of Seymour wheel alignments over the years. People throughout the area know they can count on us for reliable, accurate wheel alignments in Seymour TN, and they know we’ll get the job done right the first time. If you’re not familiar with this type of service, here’s some basic information on why regular wheel alignment is so important for your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment 101

When we take care of Seymour wheel alignments, we will look at three main things – camber, toe and caster. Here’s a quick look at these major components of wheel alignments in Seymour TN.

  • Camber – Camber is the angle of the tire when you look at it from the front of your vehicle. When a tire tilts inward, that’s known as inward camber. When it tilts outward, that’s outward camber. If there’s too much tilt, that means the wheels are out of alignment. Also, when parts of a wheel get worn out, such as the ball joints and bearings, that can also affect camber.
  • Toe – Toe is similar to camber, but you look at it from the top of the tire instead of from the front. If the toe alignment is too far in or out, then an adjustment will be needed.
  • Caster – Caster is also important, because it has a lot to do with stability, cornering and steering. This is the angle of the steering axis when you look at a tire from the side of the vehicle.

Why Alignment is So Important

If your wheels are out of alignment, that will lead to premature, uneven wearing of your tires. When one part of the tread has a lot more wear than others, that’s a sign you’ll need wheel alignments in Seymour TN. Alignments will keep you safer on the road, and will also help your tires last longer.

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