Seymour Radiator Repair Shops

Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires has been one of the best Seymour radiator repair shops for several years. People choose us over other radiator repair shops in Seymour TN because they trust us. They trust us to deliver the highest quality services, and they also trust us to be completely honest at all times. They know we’ll be upfront about what needs to be done, and we’ll also charge a fair price. Here are a few of the ways to tell whether your radiator can be repaired, or if it might need to be replaced.

Rusting or Corrosion

A little rust doesn’t necessarily mean you need to start looking around for different Seymour radiator repair shops. Rust is fairly common. If you see a small amount on the outside of the radiator, that probably doesn’t mean you need any sort of replacement. But if you see a lot of rust on the inside, that means you’ll need to visit one of the radiator repair shops in Seymour TN. If you notice that the coolant has changed color, or it has small bits of debris in it, then a replacement will probably be the way to go.


There are times where a leak will mean you need the help of professionals with radiator repair shops in Seymour TN. This could be due to a clogged radiator tube, a valve leak, or the radiator may have been punctured by a small rock or some other type of debris that came up from the road. While a minor leak can be repaired pretty easily, a major leak will probably call for a replacement.


The tubes and face of a radiator can sometimes be prone to clogs. In a lot of instances, a clog on the face can be removed with water or compressed air. If the tubes are clogged, then a mechanic will need to remove the radiator and clear it out.

Come see for yourself why Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires should be top of mind when you think about Seymour radiator repair shops.