Seymour Auto AC Repairs 

While nobody wants to have to have Seymour auto AC repairs performed on their vehicle, you just can’t go through a scorching summer without cool air – it would be too miserable. At Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires, our technicians can take care of whatever auto AC repairs in Seymour TN you might need, and do so at an affordable price. We’ll take care of your issue as quickly as we can so you will once again be cool and comfortable, no matter how far you need to drive.

Reasons Vehicles Develop AC Problems

There are a lot of reasons customers come into Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires for Seymour auto AC repairs. Here are just a few of the more common ones.

The AC System is Contaminated

There’s a chance you need auto AC repairs in Seymour TN simply because your car’s system has become contaminated with debris and dirt. A good flush might be all it takes to get your AC working the way it should.

The AC System Leaks

Your vehicle’s AC uses refrigerant to remove heat and keep you cool. This refrigerant is supposed to remain in the system, not leak out. The main culprit behind a leak is damage to the O-rings, rubber seals and gaskets. Replacement of these components is one of the more common types of auto AC repairs in Seymour TN we perform.

The Evaporator Has Failed

The evaporator makes it possible for your AC system to absorb heat. If the coils in the evaporator get damaged for some reason, they’ll probably need to be replaced. This is not only a less expensive alternative to repairing or reconditioning coils, it’s also more of a long-term solution.

The Compressor Has Failed

Unfortunately, this is the worst kind of problem that can happen to an AC system. If the compressor fails, refrigerant can’t move through the system – causing your AC to stop working. There is a chance that components in the compressor could be replaced. However, in most cases, the entire compressor will need to be changed out.

Trust your auto AC repairs in Seymour TN with Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires. Come in today!