Sevierville Auto Mechanic Services 

We get lots of customers at Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires who come in for Sevierville auto mechanic services because their check engine light comes on. They’ll immediately assume the worst, thinking their auto mechanic services in Sevierville TN are going to be incredibly expensive. While it’s true that this light could indicate serious trouble, there are a lot of instances where it’s really something very minor. However, the best thing to do will be to pay us a visit so we can diagnose what’s going on.

Why This Happens

There are a whole lot of reasons why your check engine light comes on – some of them require Sevierville auto mechanic services, but a lot of them don’t. It could appear because of something simple, like a gas cap that’s too loose. It’s coming on because your car is sensing that emissions are coming from the loose cap. That’s it.

There are other times, however, where a check engine light is an indication you need to visit us for auto mechanic services in Sevierville TN as soon as possible. For instance, your engine might be low on oil. When you apply your brakes, whatever oil is in there might move to the oil pan. The oil pressure will then drop because there’s nothing in the pickup. If this is the case, and you continue to drive, that could cause so much damage that you’d be better off just buying a new vehicle.

So how can you tell whether or not you’ll need auto mechanic services in Sevierville TN for a check engine light? Check the temperature gauge first. If it’s in the red, pull over immediately. If the temperature seems fine, check the oil. If it’s low, don’t drive. Call for a tow so we can see if we can fix whatever is happening.

Even if the temperature and oil seem okay, it will still be a good idea to bring your vehicle to Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires to be on the safe side.

Get your Sevierville auto mechanic services by coming by our shop today!