Pigeon Forge Wheel Alignments 

There are a lot of questions drivers have when they come into Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires for Pigeon Forge wheel alignments. If you’re not familiar with wheel alignments in Pigeon Forge TN, here are the answers to some of the questions we get most frequently.

When Will it Be Time for a Wheel Alignment?

More than likely, your steering wheel will tell you if it’s time for Pigeon Forge wheel alignments. If your vehicle drifts from one side or another when you take your hands off of the wheel for a second, that means something needs to be fixed. Wheel alignments in Pigeon Forge TN help your tires last longer, make it easier to steer and – most importantly – help keep you safe.

What are the Basics of a Wheel Alignment?

Even though this service is called a wheel alignment (or a tire alignment), it really doesn’t involve adjusting the tires. Instead, we adjust your vehicle’s suspension and steering. These components connect the wheels to the rest of the vehicle. Alignments change the angles of tires, and that changes the way they contact the road. There’s no single type of alignment that’s right for every make and model. Different vehicles have different optimal angles.

How Often Will I Need an Alignment?

The answer to how often people need wheel alignments in Pigeon Forge TN will really depend on how they drive. If you tend to have to drive over a lot of potholes on your way to and from work, then you’ll probably need an alignment more often than those who don’t. If you’ve ever hit a curb, that could throw your wheels out of alignment as well. In general, though, it’s recommended that drivers have their alignment checked every 6,000 miles or when they first notice they have a problem.

The professionals with Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires will be here to provide expert Pigeon Forge wheel alignments. We look forward to seeing you, and making sure your vehicle rides as smoothly as possible.