Pigeon Forge Transmission Repairs 

There are a lot of reasons people come into Smoky Mountain Auto Service and Tires for Pigeon Forge transmission repairs. Unfortunately, drivers can sometimes fall into certain types of habits. These habits can lead to increased transmission wear and tear. Eventually, they’ll need transmission repairs in Pigeon Forge TN as a result. Here are a few of these habits, and some of the reasons why they can result in damage.

Shifting Problems

We get a lot of requests for Pigeon Forge transmission repairs from people who drive vehicles that have manual transmissions. When people don’t shift gears smoothly enough, that can lead to damage. For example, shifting before the clutch is completely disengaged can cause certain components to warp, resulting in the need for transmission repairs in Pigeon Forge TN.


A lot of truck owners will use their vehicles to tow ATVs and dirt bikes. A lot of them do it every weekend. There are some instances, however, where these owners will eventually need transmission repairs in Pigeon Forge TN. The reason is that they’re trying to tow heavier loads than their trucks can really handle. When this happens, that will burn out the clutch fairly quickly.

Also, you’ve no doubt seen someone do a burnout at one time or another, because they like to show off the power of their vehicle’s engine. This might seem pretty impressive, but it will also ruin a clutch.

Not Using Your Brakes on a Hill

If you’re on a steep hill and use the clutch instead of your brakes, that’s going to cause major problems for your transmission. If you have to stop on a hill, try to make sure you use the emergency brake. If you use the clutch, you could burn it out very quickly.

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